How to Write a Review Paper Correctly – Top Tips & Tricks

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How to Write a Review Paper Correctly – Top Tips & Tricks

A high-quality review paper is something that requires not only time and efforts, but some knowledge about the subject, as well. We know that it can be still challenging even though you may possess all the needed knowledge. It is just somehow not always easy to express all that you know in a clear and understandable manner, moreover, it is not easy to arrange all the material that is available in some acceptable structure.

A research paper is rather a specific kind of paper, as it is not just to express some of your ideas or opinions. A good research paper is supposed to contain:

  • Some theory or suggestion that is new to the scientific world;
  • Then, this theory shall be proven by some experimental results;
  • Then, based on the results of the experiments, preferably those that were conducted by you, you make conclusions, either your idea was proven by the results, or not.

Paper Structure Is About Standards

That is why it is better when you have some expert tips to make sure you do all as it shall be. Otherwise, your literature review paper may stay without the deserved attention, even though you may possess valuable knowledge and you may be willing to share them with your peers.

First of all, you shall know exactly what is the standard structure of a critical review paper. Usually, it consists of four sections:

  • Introduction – it takes about one-fifth of the entire paper length. Here, your task is to catch the reader`s attention, to make them interested in your topic.
  • Paper body – here you present all materials that you studied. If we speak about a scientific paper, then you will need to include there scientific research or studies, their results and how they have influenced on the current science condition and the field. If needed, attach any tables, graphs, images that may help the reader to understand the topic and to prove your ideas.
  • Conclusions – there, you give a summary of all that has been discussed in the paper body. Was your idea proven or rather not? Just remember that even if the results of the experiments haven’t proven your theory, this is a positive result as well. You can as well discuss the issues that may still stay open and give the possible directions for the further research.
  • Literature Review – here, you act depending on the guidelines that you will get from your supervisor. The number of literature sources that you have to use, the citing style – all will depend on those specific instructions that change from university to university.

Now, little bit in-depth about how to write a review paper.

Introduction – Write It Correctly

Introduction is probably the hardest part of any paper, as we want to squeeze there everything. Though, this is not the right approach.

The main task of the introduction is to grasp the readers` attention. Just imagine that not all who will be reading your paper know the field. In most cases, they have never been interested in what are you writing about. Do you get it? Make your introduction simple, fascinating and rather short. Make it so that once they start reading it, they feel that it is important: for the universe, for the word, even for them, finally. Once you manage it, you can consider that a good part of your work is completed successfully.

Paper Body – This Is When It Comes to the Essence

Knowing how to write review paper is about knowing the topic itself. Here, you shall discover for your readers completely new fascinating dimensions of the subject. Explain them the main ideas, modern trends, show, why and how they have appeared. To make them more evident and understandable, look for images, as when one sees, one understands and remembers better. Then, to prove your ideas, check if you can substantiate them with any graphs or experimental or study results.

Conclusions – Make All Clear Again

After so many efforts still may happen that somebody hasn’t managed to read your work. In conclusions, try to make once more all points clear, explain to those who have neither power no knowledge to read and, of course, indicate the results and explain why and how they are important.

How to Write a Literature Review for a Research Paper

Cited literature is something that is very often under-evaluated not only by students but as well by researchers. Though literature review in a research paper is not less important that all other paper parts. Based on it, other can see the depth of the research you have made. Experienced scientists may determine the direction in which your opinion is developing, even your interests and your potential as a future researcher in this field.

As for tips, for this part, they will be rather simple: follow the instructions that your supervisor has given you: number of sources, citing style… All is usually indicated very exactly in the requirements for your paper.

Scientific Writing Is a Good Piece of Work

We know that writing a review paper isn’t simple. Many well-known scientists cannot write clearly and in a way, that can be easily understood by other people. That is normal and that is why they are scientists, but not writers. If you feel that a literature review research paper or any other kind of paper isn’t your cup of tea, then we are here to help you out.

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